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I enjoyed this darkish library animation about the power of books and maybe you will too. It brought to mind THE 99 – Muslim superheroes who are making the jump from graphic novels to their own tv series. Both present views a little off the beaten track. Perhaps there is room in the genre for some beautifully rendered animated library superheroes. Or maybe I just haven’t found them yet.


Have you discovered Sarah Houghton-Jan at ? This blog is for “tech-librarians-by-default” by the Digital Futures Manager of the San Jose Public Library. She discusses a variety of library and technology topics and is a teacher, trainer and speaker on all manner of technologies relevant to libraries. Her bio says that she was named a 2009 Mover and Shaker by Library Journal. She aims to demystify techie subjects and help libraries “implement technology wisely”. I’ve been enjoying her posts and have become a follower.

When the kids have had enough of playing dominoes, there’s always time to set-up a pattern and get the dominoes falling. Very satisfying somehow. This video opens up the possibilities of combining library work and play with print media in a way that e-media can’t compete with (unless you’re lining up containers like dvd or cd cases).  My only reservation is that that artist involved raised the ire of the librarian who kicked him/her out without cleaning up the books. Maybe the librarian wanted to try it herself, before re-shelving. Tempting thought.

Earth bubble

Earth bubble

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